How It Started

Back in 2020, we started ‘Ski Shed’, a brand founded from a shared love of skiing and the mountains. As Ski Shed started to gain momentum, we realised our aspirations stretched beyond just skiing and instead, we wanted to encompass more of the snow culture.

Our Vision

So, at the start of 2023 after a complete rebrand, Riski was born. From the very beginning, our vision has always been clear; to provide premium snow sports apparel to fellow enthusiasts, to enhance their experience both on and off the slopes, taking inspiration from a variety of ski cultures across the globe.

Working With You

We want our journey to be guided by our followers. So, whether you're an aspiring skier or boarder, a snow sports pro, university society or business, we'd love to hear from you.

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Discounts For Clips

We're excited to offer our followers an opportunity to earn special discounts while on the mountains. With our 'Discounts For Clips' initiative, we are encouraging our followers to send in videos and images of them wearing our products and in return, we'll give you a unique discount code for the next drops!

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This is just the beginning for Riski and we're so excited to embark on this journey with you.

Adventure Is Waiting!

Photo credit @Brattaglia3.0 on Instagram